Careers at Ascension Ohio

We take pride in our fun and energetic company culture, which is why we make sure each day’s challenges are balanced with exciting team building activities. Personal relationships are not only important in our day to day role in working with customers but also to those we create within our team. We take the time to truly get to know the professional and personal goals of each and every one of our staff.

Training & Mentorship

Our hands on approach to training and mentorship makes Ascension rise above the rest. We know that each team member has a different communication style, is motivated differently and has their own learning curve. We train each team member as an individual.

Upward Growth

Yes, we're growing quickly! Thanks to the success of our sales and marketing team, all team members have many options for upward growth and mobility within our company.

Build Your Resume

Ascension Ohio is a great place to build skills that last a lifetime. From basic people and sales skills to leadership development and managerial skills, Ascension prepares our team to problem solve in any situation.

Give Back

It is our responsibility as aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders to not only make an impact within our team but in our local and globally community as well. At Ascension, it is our mission to make a lasting, positive impact on our local and global communities by developing habits of servant leadership in the future leaders of our organization.

Leadership Development

  • Entry Level

    Everyone starts from the ground up. Why? Because we wouldn't ask our team to do anything we wouldn't do.

  • Assistant Management

    Spend time with the management team learning the ins and outs of running a business.

  • Corporate Trainer

    It's time to manage others, pass along the knowledge and develop a team.

  • Management

    Now it's time to shine! Represent a Fortune 100 or 500 client in a new market to deliver amazing results.

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Company Culture


Giving back to our community is part of our core values at Ascension.  We believe that every team member can sharpen their “spiritual saw” by paying it forward.  Operation Smile is a cause near and dear to our heart.  Our goal is to raise fund for over 2 Operation Smile surgeries this year!


Networking with top business leaders is an important aspect for the growth of our team. Whether it’s a local networking conference or an out of state business trip our team loves to learn from the best in our industry.


For work or for play or for both, the Ascension team loves racking airline miles for business trips.  Travel can range from visiting an expansion office or getting some much needed R&R.  Our favorite places so far?  Vegas, Cancun, and Los Angeles, but we have so much more to cross off our list!


Building strong relationships inside and outside of the office has truly helped Ascension be the leading firms in Columbus, Ohio.  Whether it’s for a competitive sports night or just chicken wings and drinks at our local spot, the Ascension team actually likes to hang out with each other outside of the office.

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